Access to Our Service

ADR offers ways to resolve disputes between gamblers and gambling operators without the parties having to attend court. This can make it easier for consumers to get help to resolve a dispute they have with a business. It also helps to reduce costs for both parties in dispute and can reduce the length of time it takes for a dispute to be resolved.

There are two principal approaches to ADR that can be undertaken:

  • adjudication, where Pegasus ADR Service investigates the facts as presented by the parties in dispute and uses this information and reports from other sources to determine an outcome, or
  • Mediation, where Pegasus ADR Service assists the parties in dispute to reach a solution that is acceptable to both parties.

Pegasus ADR service undertakes:

  • To maintain and keep up-to-date this website so that parties in dispute are provided with information regarding the alternative dispute resolution procedure.
  • To provide information to either party on a durable medium if requested
  • To ensure that our website enables a consumer to file an initial complaint submission and any necessary supporting documents online.
  • To permit a consumer to file an initial complaint submission by post, if the consumer so requires.
  • To enable the exchange of information between the parties via electronic means or, if a party wishes, by post.

It should be understood that:

  • Pegasus ADR service will only adjudicate on disputes that have been received in writing on a durable medium and only after being entirely satisfied that all possibilities of an internal solution between the complainant and the company have been explored during the initial stages of the complaints process. If the gambler has not taken the matter through the company's internal complaints procedure, Pegasus ADR Service will refer it back until the company’s complaint’s procedure has been fully exhausted.
  • Both parties in dispute shall agree to provide evidential documentation and any hitherto communication between parties to Pegasus ADR Service.
  • Both parties in dispute have an obligation to make themselves available to be interviewed by a Pegasus ADR Service official where reasonable advance notification has been provided.
  • ADR procedures can only be conducted in the English language.