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Companies registered for the Pegasus ADR Service

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Company Registered
24 Seven Gaming Limited Registered
9 Gaming Ltd Registered
A Cash Limited Not Regisered
Ace Gaming Limited Registered
Adker Ltd Registered
Affordable Leisure UK Limited Registered
Alan Davis Automatics Registered
Alf’s Classic Amusements Ltd Registered
Amusement Caterers (Sheffield) Ltd Registered
Amusement Equipment Co Ltd Registered
Amusement World Ltd Registered
Amusetime Limited Registered
Amusetime Ltd Registered
Anmax Leisure Ltd Registered
Anmax Ltd Registered
Arcadia (Ryde) Ltd Registered
Aristomatics (Pontefract) Ltd Registered
Armitage Leisure Services Not Regisered
Austin Leisure Registered
Auto Amusements Ltd Registered
Automatic Machine Services Ltd Registered
B&E Parkin Leisure Ltd Registered
Bathgate Leisure Limited Registered
Bell Fruit Group Ltd t/a RLMS Sales Registered
Benson Amusement Centre Registered
Bentleys Amusements Registered
Big Red Amusements Ltd Registered
Billy Manning Ltd Registered
Blasemere Ltd - Treasure Island Registered
Bloomfield Club & Intitute Registered
Blue Anchor Leisure Ltd Registered
Blue Monkey Sales Limited Registered
Bob Rudd Leisure Ltd Registered
Bourne Leisure Ltd Registered
Bournemouth Borough Council Registered
Braddicks Leisure Ltd Registered
Brandle’s Amusements Registered
Breakout Operations Ltd Registered
Brighton Marine Palace and Pier Registered
Britannia Jinky Jersey Ltd t/a Pontins Registered
Broadstairs Leisure Registered
Burry & Knight Limited Registered
C C Leisure Not Regisered
C.H.S Amusement Ltd Registered
Cadmans Leisure Centres Limited Registered
Cadmans Leisure Centres Ltd Registered
Cains Amusements Ltd Registered
California Enterprises T/A Showboat Registered
Capital Coin Machine Co Registered
Carefree Amusements Ltd Registered
Carousel Amusements Ltd Registered
Caruso Ltd Registered
Cascading Leisure Centre Ltd Registered
Cash fall Registered
Cash Fall Amusements Ltd Registered
Castle Leisure Ltd Registered
Chapman Amusements Limited Not Regisered
Charlie Edwards Leisure Registered
Charlie's Registered
Charlie's Amusements Registered
Chilvers Automatics Ltd Registered
Chongie Entertainment Ltd T/A Little Vegas Registered
CHS Amusements Limited Registered
Churchill Leisure Ltd Registered
Clacton Pavilion Limited Registered
Claremont Pier Registered
Coastal Amusements Ltd Registered
Coin Castle Registered
Cointron Registered
Comrie Automatics Registered
Comrie Leisure Limited Registered
Connaught Leisure Ltd Registered
Cookes Amusements Registered
Cosmic Video Amusements Registered
Countgrade Ltd Registered
County Amusements Not Regisered
Covertravel Registered
Cowell Arrow Bingo Company T/A Automatic Machine Services Ltd Registered
Crazy Reels Ltd Registered
Crest Amusements RW Ficek t/a Crest Amusements Registered
Crown Leisure Ltd Registered
Cullis Amusements Registered
David Henry Chapman Amusement Centre Registered
Dawsons Amusements Registered
Dealpraise Registered
Dillow (London) Amusement Machine Suppliers Ltd Registered
DLG Leisure Limited Registered
DMC Leisure Registered
Doubleday Automatics Not Regisered
DP Leisure Registered
Dransfields Novelty Company Limited Registered
E & D Leisure Ltd Registered
East Kent Leasing Limited Registered
Eldorado Leisure Registered
Electrocoin Ltd Registered
Eliteplayer Ltd Registered
ELS Amusements Registered
Empire Amusements Registered
Escal Investments Ltd Registered
Essex Leisure Ltd Registered
Euro Garages Ltd Registered
Excel Gaming Ltd Registered
Exmouth Amusements Registered
F & M Auto Amusements Registered
F & M Auto Amusmement Machines Ltd Registered
F Newsome & Son Leisure Ltd Registered
Fabcourt Limited Registered
Fair City Amusements Ltd Registered
Family Amusements Ltd Registered
Family Leisure Holdings Ltd Registered
Fantasy Island Registered
Fantasy Island Fun-Park Registered
Five Guys Entertainments Ltd Not Regisered
Flamingo Land Resort Registered
Fletchers Automatics (Rednal) Ltd Registered
Frank Booth & Sons Limited Registered
Funbox Entertainment (UK) Limited Registered
Futurama Casino Slots Registered
Future Leisure Limited Registered
Gaiety (Clacton) Ltd Registered
Gailygain Ltd Registered
Gamestec Leisure Limited Registered
Gameworld Registered
Gameworld Ltd Registered
Gilly’s Amusements Registered
Gloversfield Ltd Registered
Golden Coin Registered
Golden Slots Registered
Golden Slots (Southern) Limited Registered
Goldplanner Ltd t/a/ Baileys Registered
Grand Pier Ltd Registered
Grand Pier Teignmouth Ltd Registered
Grand Span Ltd Registered
Greengate Amusements Registered
Grosvenor Arcade Ltd Registered
GT Promotions Ltd Registered
Gulate Limited TA Kingston Leisure Registered
H B Leisure Ltd Registered
Hall Leisure Ltd Registered
Hambrid Ltd t/a/ Automatique Registered
Happy Dayz Amusements Registered
Harbour Amusements (Cornwall) Registered
Harbour Amusements (Devon) Registered
Harbour Lights Amusements Registered
Harbour Park Ltd Registered
Harker Leisure Ltd Registered
Harris Amusements (Skegness) Not Regisered
Harry Levy Amusements Contractor Ltd Registered
Hart-Marler Leisure Registered
Haverfordwest Coin Machines Registered
Heddleworth Amusements Registered
Herne Bay Leisure Ltd Registered
Hippodrome Casino Limited Registered
Holdsworth Amusements Registered
Holkham (UK) Ltd t/a Gold Rush Registered
Hollywood Slots UK Limited Registered
Iludo Limited Registered
Inn-House Automatics Ltd Registered
Ivor Thomas Amusements Ltd Registered
J & E Slots T/A Premier Amusements Registered
J & JB Noble Registered
J & L Leisure (Amusements) Ltd Registered
J & S Bingo Limited Registered
J B Jones Amusements Not Regisered
J B Jones Amusements Limited Registered
J E Sheeran Amusement Arcades Ltd Registered
Jackpot Amusements Ltd Registered
JEM Amusements Ltd Registered
JGL Leisure Ltd Registered
JLM Gaming Ltd t/a/ Slots Amusements Registered
JNC Enterprises Ltd Registered
JNC Sales Registered
John Codona's Pleasure Fair's ltd Registered
John Icke Automatics Ltd Registered
John Ling & Son Ltd Registered
JPM Interactive Ltd Registered
JRC Enterprises LLP Registered
JRS Leisure Ltd Registered
JSP Leisure Ltd Registered
JTP Amusements Ltd Registered
Just Fun Amusements Registered
Just Slots Ltd Registered
Keeday Leisure Equipment Limited Registered
Kingston Coin Leisure Registered
Knights Amusements Registered
Kossway Ltd Registered
Kravis Holdings Ltd Registered
KV Leisure Ltd Registered
Lakerose Leisure Ltd Registered
Las Vegas Amusements Ltd Registered
Leisure 2000 Registered
Leisure Automatics Registered
Leisure Coin Ltd Registered
Leisure Entertainment Holders Ltd Registered
Leisure Time Derby Ltd Registered
Leisureline (Jackpoteers t/a Leisureline) Not Regisered
Leisureline Amusement Services Ltd Not Regisered
Lemur Waterparks Ltd Registered
Letz Play Ltd t/a Leisuretime Registered
Lifewave Limited Registered
Light Gaming Registered
Lincolnshire Automatics Ltd Registered
Linland Ltd Registered
Loizou Leisure Ltd t/a Blue Lagoon Partnership Registered
Looe Leisure Ltd Registered
Lordsdale Estates Ltd t/a Casino Slots & Bookmakers Registered
Lucky Star Amusements Ltd Registered
Lucky Strike Amusements Registered
Luxor Leisure Ltd T/A Leisureland Registered
Luxury Leisure & Sal Leisure Ltd Registered
Lyons Holiday Park Ltd Not Regisered
M B Leisure Not Regisered
M B Leisure Not Regisered
M G Leisure Limited Registered
M S Entertainments Limited Registered
M&D Leisure Ltd Registered
Malhorta Commercial Property Limited Registered
Manson Gaming Not Regisered
Martin's Amusements Registered
Masons Amusements (Cleveleys) Not Regisered
Masterson Leisure Limited Registered
MDS Leisure LLP Registered
MDS Leisure t/a JRC Enterprises LLP Registered
Mega Leisure (Scotland) Registered
MGK Leisure Ltd Registered
Midas Gaming Ltd Registered
Middlesbrough RAOB Registered
Midland Acquisitions Registered
Millers Amusements Registered
Mirage Centres Ltd Registered
Missionbell Ltd Not Regisered
Mitonsede Ltd Registered
Monico Amusements Ltd Registered
MOTO Hospitality Ltd Registered
Mr P's Classic Amusements Ltd Registered
Mr Rigby's Leisuretime Limited Registered
MSL Leisure Ltd Registered
Mulbrook Ltd t/a @Gamingfun Registered
NAMCO UK Ltd Registered
New Coin Automatics Ltd Registered
New Walton Pier Co Ltd Registered
Newby Automatics Ltd Registered
Newton's Amusements Registered
Noble Leisure Group Registered
Nobles Seaton Carew / Silver Dollar Amusements Registered
Noraut Ltd Registered
North Wales Amusements Limited Registered
Norwich Gaming Centre Registered
NS Gaming Limited Registered
Oak Ripley Ltd T/A Oak Amusement Registered
Oakwood Leisure Registered
Oasis Family Leisure T/A The Arcade Not Regisered
Olympia Amusements Registered
Oram Brothers Ltd Registered
Oulton Broad Leisure Ltd Registered
Overs & Rich Ltd t/a Expresso Amusements Registered
P&F Leisure Ltd Registered
Palmerfield Ltd T/A Palm Amusements Registered
Paradise Organic Limited Registered
Park Holidays UK Registered
Parkers Leisure (Holdings) Ltd Registered
Parkinsons (M&V) Ltd Registered
Pastimes Amusements Registered
Pavilion View Leisure Limited Registered
Pavillion Amusements Ltd Registered
Peter Arnett Leisure Registered
Peter Cowap T/A Kings Gaming Registered
PGC Limited Registered
Phoenix Leisure Ltd Registered
Phoenix Leisure Support Ltd Registered
Pier Amusements Felixstowe Ltd Registered
Pier View Amusements Registered
PJ Booth LLP Registered
Play Leisure Limited Registered
Players Amusements Ltd Registered
Playland Holdings Ltd Registered
Plaza Investments Limited Registered
Pleasure & Leisure Corporation Registered
Pleasure & Leisure Corporation Registered
Pleasure Fairs Ltd Registered
Plymouth Leisure Ltd Registered
Pots Of Gold Amusements Ltd T/A Mega Slots Amusements Registered
Poundpalm Limited Registered
Premier Gaming Machines Ltd Registered
Prize Coin Equipment - RJ Towers & Partners Registered
QDRD Ltd Registered
R & J Kemp T/A Sands Amusements Not Regisered
R&J Leisure Ltd Registered
Ral - Talarius Ltd Registered
Ravendive Ltd Not Regisered
Raynbeau Ltd T/A Rainbow Amusements Registered
Reel to Reel Ltd Registered
Reels Casino Slots Ltd Registered
Reflex Gaming Ltd Registered
Rendezvous Amusements Registered
Rex Machines Ltd Registered
Richardsons Leisure Limited Registered
Riva Bowl LLP Registered
Rix Automatics Registered
Rotunda Equipment Leasing Limited Registered
Rowland & Rowland Registered
Rowlands Leisure Ltd Registered
Royal Arcade Ltd Registered
RTB Investments Ltd Registered
Rubicon Pastimes Ltd Registered
SAL AGC Limited T/A Golden Touch Registered
Sandown Pier Leisure Ltd Registered
Sandy Hills Family Amusements Not Regisered
SAS Amusements Registered
Saunton Estates Ltd Registered
Scott Albion Properties Limited Registered
Seagull Amusements Registered
Seashore Enterprises Registered
Seldons Leisureworld Registered
Select Gaming Ltd Registered
September Pink Limited t/a Greengate Amusements Registered
Shaws Pastimes Ltd Registered
Shepherd Arcades Ltd Registered
Shipley Estates Ltd Registered
Shipley Investments Ltd Registered
Shipley Leisure Enterprises Limited Registered
Silcock Leisure Group Registered
Silverplay Limited Registered
Silvertime Amusements Registered
Slaters Amusements Registered
Slot Leisure Ltd Registered
Slotplay Limited Registered
SNW Pastimes Ltd Registered
Southsea Island Leisure Registered
Springstate Limited Registered
Stade Developments (Hastings) Ltd Registered
Stardust Leisure (2000) Ltd Registered
Stardust Leisure Ltd Registered
Summertime Leisure Ltd Registered
Summit Leisure Registered
Summit Leisure (Deansgate) Limited T/A Shaws Amusements Registered
Summit Leisure (KC) Limited T/A Shaws Amusements Registered
Summit Leisure (Market Street) Limited T/A Shaws Amusements Registered
Summit Leisure (Swinton) Limited T/A Shaws Amusements Registered
Sunflower Music Ltd Not Regisered
Sure Leisure Ltd Registered
Symonds Amusements - Gemaso Ltd Registered
T&D Leisure Limited Registered
Tacara Limited Registered
Tamar Gaming Limited Registered
Taylor Entertainments Ltd Registered
Taylor Made Fun Ltd Registered
The Big Apple Vegas Adult Gaming Registered
The Bollom Organisation Limited Registered
The Clacton Pier Co Registered
The Noble Organisation Registered
The Pink Palace Amusements Registered
The Pot of Gold Registered
The Sands Family Entertainment Centre Registered
The Storey Group Limited Registered
The Thomas Organisation Ltd Registered
The Winning Line Registered
Ticatiboo Ltd Registered
Ticketgrange Limited Registered
Town & County Leisure Ltd Registered
Treatview Ltd Registered
Triangle Amusements Ltd Registered
Tunmore Leisure Ltd Not Regisered
UK Piers Ltd Not Regisered
Vallini Limited Registered
Vauxhall Holiday Park Ltd Registered
Ventura Leisure Ltd t/a Kings Amusements Registered
W Ball & Sons Amusements Registered
W Jeffries & Sons Registered
W&D Automatics Registered
W&J Shaw Pastimes (Withernsea) Ltd Registered
Wadbrook Leisure Registered
Warwicks Amusements Registered
Watersplash Leisure Ltd Registered
Waves Amusements Registered
Webbers Leisure Registered
Welcome Break Registered
Wessex Coin Ltd T/A Silvercity Amusements Registered
West Wales Amusements Registered
WH Marshall Ltd Registered
Wharton Amusements Ltd Registered
White Leisure Ltd Registered
Whittaker Arcades Limited Registered
Whittaker Arcades Ltd Registered
Wilkie Leisure Group Ltd Registered
William Clarke Ltd Registered
Winners Gaming Ltd Registered
WP Underwood Ltd Registered
X's & O's Amusement Centre Registered
Zenastar Ltd Registered