Disputes not covered by Pegasus ADR Service

  • Complaints of persons under the age of 18 who have been permitted to gamble. This is a matter for the Gambling Commission to investigate.

  • Any disputes relating to the standard of customer service provided, including anything relating to premises or facilities used where gambling takes place, including websites.

  • Safer gambling standards maintained by gambling operators. In other words, we do not consider claims by consumers that they have been allowed to gamble excessively/irresponsibly, unless there is a contractual element to the dispute (e.g. that the company breached an agreement between the customer and the company). We do not consider complaints that a company has allowed an individual to gamble after they had requested to be excluded from a premises, unless there is evidence that the way that the company has handled the situation is a breach of their contractual terms and/or there is evidence that the company's actions in the treatment of this situation relied on unfair contractual terms.

  • Allegations of fixing, cheating or games operated in an unfair manner (these should be referred to the Gambling Commission or other appropriate regulatory authority)

When contacting the Gambling Commission to report concerns about the way a business is being run please be clear that you are making a regulatory complaint rather than lodging a dispute, otherwise you may be referred back to Pegasus ADR Service.

If you do have a complaint about being allowed to gamble more than you can afford to lose, please do think about taking anonymous, professional and practical advice from one of the organisations designed to help people struggling to control the amount of money or time they spend gambling. Contact details for some of these organisations can be found in the ‘Useful Links’ section, ‘Care and Support Agencies’.